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El Paso, Texas — June 3, 2013

A pedestrian accident near Newman Park in El Paso killed a 35-year-old man on Monday according to police.

The unidentified man reportedly tried to get into a moving black SUV on Alabama Street at Louisville Avenue according to the El Paso Police Department. He then ran down the street before jumping a fence and attempting to enter another car.

Eventually, the man collapsed at the intersection of Richmond Avenue and Louisiana Street. He was taken to University Medical Center where he later died.

Police believe he may have been dragged by the SUV a short distance. A cause of death has not been determined.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that a pedestrian dies in a U.S. traffic accident every 110 minutes and one is injured every nine minutes.

If you were involved in this accident, or a family member to someone involved, and would like an official copy of the police report, you can make a request with this form.


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