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Hamlin, Texas – June 1, 2013

A cropduster was hurt in a plane crash on Saturday at the Hamlin Airport according to state police.

The accident occurred at 10:30 a.m. when 49-year-old Joseph Wayne Collier was attempting to land a fixed-wing cropduster at the airport and a gust of wind blew the plane 150 yards west of its intended landing spot. The Texas Department of Public Safety said that the plane came down off the runway and Mr. Collier was injured.

He was reportedly in good condition at Hamlin Memorial Hospital.

The Federal Aviation Administration reports that 268 fatal general aviation crashes occurred in the United States in 2010, resulting in 457 deaths. In 2001, 325 fatal crashes were reported, leaving 562 people dead. The rate of fatal general aviation accidents per 100,000 flight hours has fallen from 1.28 in 2001 to 1.14 in 2010. General aviation pilots logged just 22 million flight hours in 2008, compared to 29 million in 1999.


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