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Columbus, Ohio– July 22, 2013

Police say a teenager died after two vehicles collided on Interstate 270 near Granville Road Monday night.

According to the Columbus Police Department, around 1o:30 p.m., 18-year-old Brandon Smith was driving on Interstate 270 when his vehicle experienced a mechanical issue, which forced Mr. Smith to pull off onto the shoulder. Mr. Smith’s vehich was then struck by a truck driven by 25-year-old Walter Dalton for undisclosed reasons.

Rescue personnel arrived on scene to find Mr. Smith had been killed on impact. Police say Mr. Dalton was not hurt in the accident.

The crash remains under investigation.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports 18.6 percent of all crashes in 2009 happened off the roadway or on the median or shoulder.

If you would like an official copy of the police report, request a copy with this form, or call 1-888-509-1888.


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