St. Clair County, Michigan — February 22, 2011

A Jeddo teen was killed early Tuesday morning when the vehicle she was driving went out of control on a slick stretch of road. Her vehicle collided with an oncoming truck, the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office reports.

Katrina Dawson, 19, was driving south on Wildcat Road, and lost control on a section of roadway covered in snow, deputies report. Her car the crossed the median, where it hit a pickup truck with a 25-year-old male behind the wheel and headed in the opposite direction.

Dawson was pronounced dead at the scene, and the other driver was taken to Port Huron Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, an incident report shows.


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  • Amanda

    i miss you so much

  • Guess

    The other driver was Ryan Helmold who was speeding at 68mph and killed Katrina. He is a habitual speeder and piece of crap.

  • ???

    sounds like she was the one who lost control and caused the accident maybe she should have had her vehicle under control

  • guest

    to whoever said that. we know the facts you don’t. have some respect

  • chelsea

    vvvvv who ever is “???”, have some respect. it was obviously a horrible accident that ended in katrinas death. you dont need to be saying disrespectful things when shes gone because of what happened. i cant even believe someone could be that ignorant to have the heart to say something like that after someone died.

    RIP Katrina, we love and miss you so much.!

  • Mom

    If Ryan Helmold would have his vehicle under control as well he could have avoided the accident completely. Look up the entire court case in St. Clair County district court, you will find the truth. Helmold was going 68 mph, on his own testimony said he saw Katrina coming 200 Yards away… YARDS PEOPLE! that would be 2 football fields away, yet he did not bother to even touch his break until ONE. SECOND upon impact! He did not swerve, he did not slow down, he just hit her on the passenger side killing her instantly. Have you seen the photos? His tires were in her seat, her drivers seat…wth? Katrina was in her second trimester of pregnancy, she was having a boy, 19days before Helmold killed them both, she got to hear the baby’s heartbeat on Feb 3, 2011. So any one who wants to throw your two cents in, please check all your facts before you decide to be disrespectful and completely ignorant. Katrina you are loved by so many! And missed by so many! We all love and miss you more everyday.

  • Enter your name here.

    at no point was he not under control, he is not the one who crossed the center line. at one point she actually sped up before she hit the poor young man. she had already been home and traveled the same road. common sense says if the road was bad the first time she should not have gone out a second time. no one is to blame for her death except herself

  • Enter your name here.

    She is the one who lost control and crossed the line she was going 52 mph and he was said to have been going as low as 55 they did not do measurements at the scene st Clair co messed up and didn’t do there job …sad but true it is sad she died and he didn’t hit the brakes sooner as you said but she was speeding up when she hit him if you want to talk court records as you said the truck went into the car a ways but weighed 3 times as much ….. Duh it’s going to its something you should figure it is like comparing a semi truck vs a pickup truck the pickup would lose its common sence also why would he swore so the both could loose control that’s smart get your story straight before just bashing someone that would be nice

  • Dawn Dawson, Mother

    Well, obviously you are a moron. She was going 43. St. Clair County did not mess up. They even brought in the Michigan State Police EXPERT who concurred with the St. Clair County Police. And he was going 68, and on impact 65. Again, refer to the court Trial transcript, it is available for $750.00 at the court house.
    Her car had hit a patch of ice, it went into a slide on ICE, her car was sped up in the slide, she was not accelerating, as a matter of fact as soon as she was in the slide she started applying her brake, trying to get control of the slide, but she wasn’t even given the chance to slide into the ditch because Helmold hit her, going 65 on impact. It is all on the black boxes. Everything was documented. Isn’t anyone aware that your car has a black box, that records all kinds of things? Why would he swerve? So as not to kill a beautiful young 19 year old young lady, and her unborn son. But he was going so fast he knew he would have gotten injured or killed himself. His truck was all of the way into her car. His front tire was in her seat, um where she was sitting. Yes his truck was bigger than her car, but it sure doesn’t mean you own the road. It means you drive with common sense (correct spelling btw) for the weather conditions, you slow down when you see someone going into a slide from 200 yards away (his own testimony) you slow down so you have time to stop and try and avoid an accident by any means.
    My story is completely straight. I am her mother. And this is not bashing him. This is all truth. According to the police reports, the accident scene investigators, and a Jury of his peers who found him guilty of Reckless Driving. He should have been charged with much more in my opinion. But as I have said, I am her mother, my child and grandson are gone forever because of him. You really should have a bit more respect, two people lost their lives. Do you have children? Pray you never lose one like this because it is heart wrenching, we’ll never see her again, or meet our grandson. Are you all just so heartless? I also see you did not leave your name. Another coward.

    R.I.P. Katrina and Baby Boy Dawson. We love and miss you more with each passing day.

  • Just sick to my stomache

    Didn’t Ryan try to fight and lose his case about his ticket HE recieved for wreckless driving….the courts found him GUILTY!! I find bashing on a person that lost their life tragically, sick!!!! ..Have some respect! He has a lengthy driving record and he was driving wrecklessly that night, PROVEN IN COURT!!! FOUND GUILTY!..It is sad that people need to disrespect a family that has been through enough already….Some people need to get some therapy!!

  • jeddo resident

    Are you kidding? He killed her an her unborn child just the same as if he put a gun to their heads.

  • Eric

    This is all sickening, everyone attacking everyone. It was a tragic accident. Everyone needs to leave BOTH families alone.

  • Regina, Journalist

    Well, I do agree it is sickening! However, if Ryan Helmold would just man up, serve the punishment the court deemed appropriate, and let the family of this young lady begin to heal. Do you have children? Can you imagine this happening to your own child and grandchild? Being killed in such a violent manner? I am a writer and have read the entire court transcripts and have seen all the photos. Its unimaginable, disgusting and by the information in the transcripts by his own testimony, absolutely could have been avoided! Sadly it would seem Mr Helmold has no remorse, and just doesn’t “get it”. Very sad

  • lola

    there was no way that she could have done that she is my mother and she was here with me all day so mabey yall need to get your facts straight

  • concerned observer

    So I hear he is still fighting to get out of the ticket and responsibility  of his actions.   This is typical of him, he has been seen still driving but he hasn’t got caught yet…  I sure hope he gets caught and that he has to be held responsible for actions.

  • Ericsmith1187

    Get the story straight. Hes allowed to drive and he is not responsible for the accident she crossed the center line and hit him he never drove when he wasn’t allowed to. Stop blaming him for her recklessness she caused the accident

  • Get on with it

    If you knew the whole story, you would know the facts, but guessing from your response you have no idea.  I am so frustrated with this whole thing.  When do you say an accident is an accident.  But I guess some people are out for more, which it sad.  Let this accident go and let everyone get on with their lives.

  • Yepme

    I was reading up on this and seen that it got overturned and the reckless was thrown out saying there was ” too many wrongful errors ” in the trial and it was remaned for a new ” fair ” trial it is sad that they put someone through all of this just to make them go through it all again both sides just need to quit bashing on each other

  • Eric smith

    It got overturned and said to be a new trial they make too many errors so get your facts straight

  • Yepme

    Ya’ll need to move on…..,