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Marion County, Indiana — July 22, 2013

Police say a man was driving on a suspended license Monday in Indianapolis when he fled the scene of one crash and died in another.

According to officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Indianapolis resident Allan Jackson, 29, was behind the wheel of a pickup truck as it traveled north along Interstate 65. As he approached Exit 112A (St. Clair Street), south of the junction with Interstate 70, near downtown Indianapolis, around 7:55 p.m., Mr. Jackson made contact with another vehicle, causing it to ricochet into a third vehicle.

Rather than stopping to administer aid, Mr. Jackson reportedly fled the scene. As he sped away, Mr. Jackson lost control, veered off the freeway and flipped.

Paramedics transported him to Wishard Memorial Hospital, but doctors were unable to save him. The National Safety Council reports that traffic fatalities increased 5 percent in 2012. A recent study revealed 36,200 traffic deaths last year, up from 34,600 in 2011, the first increase in seven years.

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