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Marion County, Indiana — July 18, 2013

A suspect was on the run from police Thursday when he crashed into a patrol car, injuring an officers.

According to reports, officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department observed a Harley-Davidson near the corner of Holt Road and Washington Street and recognized it as one reported stolen. Around 2:55 a.m., they initiated a traffic stop, but the suspect rider refused to yield.

Investigators say they pursued him to the vicinity of South Taft Avenue and West Washington Street, where they observed the rider of a second Harley-Davidson reported stolen dismount. He entered a running but unoccupied maroon, two-door vehicle, parked outside a residence and took off without the headlights activated.

Soon thereafter, the suspect collided with a white Dodge Charger police cruiser near Wichser Avenue. Paramedics responded to the scene and transported the injured cop to Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital for treatment. The suspect driver was arrested on suspicion of possessing an unlicensed handgun, criminal recklessness and auto theft.

According to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, property damage or injury resulted in 188,132 accidents in Indiana in 2010.

UPDATE: The suspect who crashed with the patrol car has been identified as James Tate, 31. The pilfered vehicle was a 2000 Ford Escort.

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