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Allen County, Indiana – July 11, 2013

Police say two travelers died and two others were injured Thursday during a semi crash in the Fort Wayne area.

Deputies with the Allen County Sheriff’s Department report that an unidentified trucker was behind the wheel of a semi as it traveled south along Interstate 69. As the semi approached mile-marker 316 (Indiana 1/Dupont Road), around 1:10 p.m., it apparently suffered mechanical failure.

Investigators say the trucker pulled over to address the issue. A second vehicle then approached from the north and made side-to-side contact with a stopped semi.

Paramedics responded to the scene, but were unable to save two travelers involved in the collision. Two others were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, while a fifth subject escaped unhurt.

it is unclear whether the stranded trucker deployed triangle breakdown markers. According to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, large trucks were involved in 13,941 accidents in Indiana in 2011.

UPDATE: The deceased victims have been identified as Jeff Shelmadine and Blaine Miller. Mr. Miller is reportedly the owner of Blaine Miller Road Service and responded to the scene to help repair the disabled semi.

That’s when the vehicle was hit by a second semi. Mr. Miller previously ran championship auto-racing teams and that Mr. Shelmadine, his grandson, was a driver.

UPDATE: The driver of the disabled semi has been identified as Norman, Oklahoma resident Tirek Tyrone Murphy, 25. Mr. Murphy died on Tuesday, July 23 for injuries suffered in the accident.

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