Lake County, Indiana — February 4, 2013

Two people were killed Monday morning when a vehicle crashed and rolled into a creek in Lowell.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department reports the accident occurred around 7 a.m. when a vehicle was somehow taken off Belshaw Road. The vehicle then reportedly overturned into a nearby creek, killing two people inside. It appears no other vehicles were involved.

Additional details, including the cause of the crash and the victims’ identities, have yet to be made available. It is unclear if the vehicle had more than two occupants, and the accident remains under investigation.

According to a report from the Indiana State Police, there were 188,132 traffic accidents resulting in injuries and/or property damage in 2011, and 674 accidents resulted in 749 total fatalities during that year.

UPDATE: Authorities say a third person has died as a result of this accident and have released additional information. The crash reportedly occurred just east of Cline Avenue where 21-year-old Lake Village resident Raymond Rodriguez lost control of an eastbound 2004 Monte Carlo. The vehicle reportedly left the roadway before it struck a tree and became partially submerged upside down in a roadside creek. Mr. Rodriguez and a 20-year-old passenger, Sasha Spencer, also a resident of Lake Village, died at the scene. A third passenger, 40-year-old DeMotte resident Dustin M. Gregolunas, died more than an hour after the crash at an area hospital, according to the report. The cause of the accident remains under investigation.

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  • Thomassnow

    There was 3 killed in the crash. it was a red 2004 montycarlo they were going east on belshaw road hit the left gardrail on a S Turn flew across the road went airborn and hit a tree ejecting two of the 3 in the car. The other victum died at the hospital hours latter.

  • Johna Schliemann

    I knew that girl…

  • Chris Maguire

    Rest In Peace to the victims and i hope the families can endure their struggles in this difficult time. Was a real tragedy. One was a very influential/talented hiphop artist, whom will be missed greatly in our community. 

  • pat

    thomas I’m Dustins mom,  do you know anything more I was told he was killed instantly;; it’s killing me to think he suffered

  • Gregolunasmady

    Love you nanny.