Muncie, Indiana – February 1, 2012

An Anderson native, 23-year-old Karissa D. Campbell is being charged with causing the death of Jeremy Chissel, 32, of New Castle.

Police say that Ms. Campbell was driving south when she drove off of the four lane highway, and into a ditch before running into a tree. Mr. Chissel was declared dead on the scene. The Coroner for Delaware County said that he died from extreme head injuries.

Officers ran tests on Ms. Campbell and found her to be under the influence of a recently outlawed drug, spice. Ms. Campbell also admitted to taking Mr. Chissel’s prescription, anti-anxiety medication shortly before the accident. She stated that she could not remember the details leading up to the crash.

Criminal charges have been brought against her in Delaware County’s Circuit Court 5. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse 18 percent of individuals involved in fatal accidents tested positive for drugs in 2009.

UPDATE: Ms. Campbell was sentenced on September 17, 2013 to spend eight years in prison.

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  • Austinfox1995

    Yes she shouldnt have done the substances before the accident, but why call it an accident if she is in jail for it, karissa is one of my good friends and I know she loved that man, and she does not deserve to go to prison for this. She’s a wonderful person and has always been there for me. Her going to prison for an ACCIDENT isnt going to bring Jeremy back. People have no idea what happened that night, but I know she would never intentionally hurt someone, she’s truly amazing. And they baught the spice at a store, obviously that wasnt illegal, and he gave her his perscription drug, so she shouldn’t be charged with his death, he willingly got in the car with her knowing the chances. The most she should be charged with is an OWI.