Bloomington, Indiana – November 10, 2011

The Bloomington Police Department reports that a head-on collision occurred Thursday afternoon near an apartment complex on South Rockport Road.

According to reports, the incident involved an argument between two people romantically involved, and it happened around 1:50 p.m. One of the drivers involved was Thomas W. Owings, 29. He told police that the crash was his fault, and said he had been trying to text and drive while headed west in the 2500 block.

The other driver was said to be Mr. Owings’ girlfriend—Leslee D. Orndorff, 29. Reports show that the pair had been having a verbal argument at an apartment complex prior to driving away separately. Ms. Orndorff was northbound in a Chevrolet Impala when her car crashed with Mr. Owings’ Oldsmobile Ciera. She complained of pain in her neck after the crash, but did not require immediate treatment.

Mr. Owings was cited for reportedly causing the crash. He avoided injuries.

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