Indianapolis, Indiana – October 20, 2011

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department reports that several  were damaged by a vehicle Thursday. In addition to damages near $80,000, the incident caused injuries for two people.

The person driving the car was 73-year-old Vie Nicholas. He was accompanied in the vehicle by 62-year-old Mary Vie. Reports state that he inadvertently pressed on the accelerator, causing the Ford Taurus to enter a building that housed several different businesses and was located in the Geist Station Shopping Center on Oaklandon Road. The car proceeded to smash through a few walls as it entered a financial institution, a bakery, and a hospital for animals.

Those hurt in the incident were 58-year-old Vern Roach and 47-year-old Mary Desotell. They had been inside the building at the time that the Focus entered, and both were treated immediately.

No citations were mentioned for Mr. Nicholas, and the investigation continues.

If you would like an official copy of the police report, request a copy with this form.


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