Goshen, Indiana – June 25, 2011

A two-vehicle crash occurred in Goshen on Saturday, and officials say it was the result of unsafe lane movement on behalf of a driver from Seattle, Washington.

According to the Goshen Police Department, 56-year-old James L. Charles was operating a Buick Lucerne as it went south on State Road 15 and approached College Avenue. At this time, Mr. Charles activated his left-turn signal and entered the turn lane, only to veer back into the straight-only lane near the intersection.

This maneuver reportedly caused the Lucerne to collide with the Harley-Davidson motorcycle of Roy D. Shively, 45, of Millersburg. He had been southbound in the straight-only lane, and apparently could not avoid Mr. Charles’ Lucerne when it came into his lane.

Mr. Shively had pain throughout his body as a result of the crash, but reports state that he did not receive immediate medical attention.

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