Pekin, Indiana — March 28, 2011

Authorities suspect that alcohol was a factor in a two-vehicle crash in Pekin Monday. It took place around 8:15 p.m., and left both drivers with injuries.

Reports state that 24-year-old Benjamin Hobson was driving a 1994 Ford north on Voyles Road. He told police that he observed another vehicle approaching his from the opposite direction, and flashed his head lights multiple times when the oncoming SUV veered over the middle of the road.

Joyce Whitlow, 48, was behind the wheel of the SUV—a 1993 Jeep Cherokee—and failed to return to her lane and avoid the collision.

The vehicles struck head on, causing incapacitating injuries to Mr. Hobson, and complaints of pain for Ms. Whitlow.

Authorities cited Ms. Whitlow for driving without proof of financial responsibility. She also faces felony charges for causing serious injury while operating a vehicle intoxicated, according to reports.

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