Boone County, Illinois — February 24, 2012

The Boone County Sheriff’s Department reports that two teenagers were killed Friday evening when an accident unfolded on State Route 76.

According to reports, the 16-year-old girls who died in the wreck were Belvidere North High School students Brenda Gutierrez and Thalia Arredondo. Police say the females were riding in a Chevrolet Cavalier that was southbound on State Route 76. It appears that the car went out of control and entered the northbound lane of traffic, where it collided with an SUV.

Both Brenda and Thalia suffered fatal injuries in the accident. Also hurt were four occupants in the SUV.

Investigators suspect that slippery roadways caused by the weather conditions may have factored into the incident, though they are continuing to investigate at this time.

Impact Teen Drivers was formed in 2008 to stop reckless and distracted driving among teens. In its mission as an advocate for the victims of traffic accidents, FindMyAccident has partnered with Impact Teen Drivers to protect young drivers in Illinois and across the United States.

UPDATE: Brenda and Thalia were members of the cheerleading team at Belvidere, and the school has been holding events in memory of the girls. On Monday many students wore black to commemorate the loss, while on Tuesday white was worn to celebrate their lives.

A joint funeral is scheduled for Thursday, March 1, following a visitation at Belvidere North High School from 2 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, February 29. Obituaries for Thalia and Brenda have been made available by the Buck-Wheeler-Hyland Funeral Home.

Those wishing to contribute financially are encouraged to visit any BMO Harris Bank location and inquire about the account established for “The Perfect Two.” Additionally, a memorial scholarship fund is in the early stages of being discussed, and more information on that development will be released as it becomes available.

UPDATE: A YouTube video tribute to the girls has been viewed more than 18,000 times.

EDITOR’S NOTE: More than six months after this tragic accident, family, friends and acquaintances of Brenda and Thalia continue to comfort one another by sharing their stories and memories. Two separate Facebook memorial pages, RIP Brenda and Thalia and RIP Thalia and Brenda, have created a lasting tribute that has touched us all.

We welcome you to continue to use our site as a resource, in hopes that it provide some small amount of comfort. With the beginning of another school year at hand, the staff of FindMyAccident asks all drivers to exercise utmost caution on the roadway.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Students, faculty, parents and other members of the Belvidere North High School community marked the solemn anniversary of the accident that claimed the lives of Brenda and Thalia. We at FindMyAccident would like to use the opportunity to encourage every motorist to exercise the utmost caution.

UPDATE: The driver of the SUV has been identified as Gonzalo Tellez. He reportedly escaped unhurt.

If you would like an official copy of the police report, request a copy with this form, or call 1-888-509-1888.


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  • Wguy1992

    Fatal just means deadly. Doesnt meant she died on impact.

  • Miracleangie

    I’m sorry for ur loss I just had a friend die on September 9 2012 in a car accident it was horrible. Once we got there he was still in the car dead and his little sister was screaming for him to wake up it was the hardest thing

  • Jkwefhn


  • Ashley_barnes11

    im soo sorry for their lost they were beautiful girls i dont know them but im sure they were great kids! just showing my love for the family and may they forever rip!!

  • Boomer Omarmfwayne Chamberlin

    im from KC don’t know these girls age 31 i know all the pain of losing friends in one year i lost 12 friends in that one year due to “Hill Hopping” but when it happened at first we all thought they was just at the hospital and thought sounds like something they would do.. then later as the news spread we found out the horry that had happened  i know all yours pain and i feel for you and hope you all are finding ways to cope with your loss… Love B

  • Nuke

    Its A Message From Him Saying He’s Alright & He WILL Se You Again . I Had A Dream ( 2 Dreams Actually ) About My Aunt And It Was KINDA The Same But He Telling You He’s Alright .

  • Alejandra Maria Solis

    I lost a friend that died three years ago…I know that it has been a long time but I still miss her and love her!!!We grew up together ever since kinder and I am know in seventh grade!!she died in the fourth grade….I miss her dearly….

  • Hayleburnett

    what day did they die can i ask

  • amanda

    i dont no either one of them but this is so sad….loosing anyone is sad…may god be with everyone and their familys…rip beautiful ladies

  • Daytonalove2011

    rip to them

  • Braidsnweavesbytiffanyg

    I am a parent of children ages 11-21 who depend on public transportation. And in the city we relocated to from California(Tucson) ….I always notice e memorial crosses to commemorate hit and run fatalities throughout the county.Its so sad,how people allowed the privilege to operate a vehicle often fail to obey traffic signals,or choose to drive without giving the roadways proper attention.I understand this incident may have been caused by dangerous road conditions, but the the reality is that these two precious youngladies are no longer among us.And as a parent my heart ache for those who knew them both.As well as many others who have perished by the vehicles of so many others.

  • Anonymous

    Fatal only means that they would result in the person dying, not that it would kill them immediately or render them incapable of calling someone to tell them what was going on and try to stay calm.  This person may be telling the truth, maybe not, if they are, I hope they can deal with the stress such a thing might have caused, but, if they aren’t, it seems very unkind of them, whoever they may be, to post something like that.

  • Juan C.M.

    i know my step brothers cousins sister that knows them. i feel like i know them and its hard to think that i dont.


    They passed away on February 24,2012. They are so beautiful. They spent there lives together. How could something so horrible happen to these young girls??? Rest in Peace, girls. <3

  • Roberts355th

    I’m sooooooooooo sorry this happened. I just saw the video on youtube, and it made me want to cry. I lost a friend in fourth grade, and her name was Maddison. The worst part about it was she died on my birthday. It was a terrible day for all of my school. I’m now in 6th grade, and the memories still continue to come to me, and I hope for the same thing for you as the years pass over. I go to a school in Michigan called Watervliet, an extreamly small town. Again, I’m sorry. I’ll be praying for you nd your family. 3<

  • Joleahmays123

    That is so tragic what happened to those beautiful girls but i wish there parents the best of luck in life :)

  • cj

    Peaches, I can empathize with you. I lost three of my best friends in a car accident in 1995. We were all sophomores, right around your age. It takes time, the pain doesn’t go away, you learn to deal with them being gone. My condolences to the families and friends of these girls.   

  • rosa bautista

    omg really what was she telling you god bless her heart and yours 2 so so sorry

  • Rhaeghan

     my grandpa died when i was in kinder i was 5 now i’m 10 in fifth grade

  • Eusebiasaldivar


  • Rinnar Jonathan Kaipati

    I lost a fiance He is an Air force pilot in the US Military…it is a hardest thing for us to forgot someone that is really in our lives. But we believes God is thanking good cares of them.

  • Dezerea Eunice Chambers

    i dont know them but i watched videos about them and their very beautiful/pretty they will be missed!!!
    <3 Thalia Arredondo & Brenda Gutierrez <3

  • Theo Foster

    The girls made a huge impact on me even though I didnt know them they made it feel like I did and I think I k ow them but i think god thought it was time but all I know now is that there are two, ore beautiful andgel spreading their wings in heaven right now R.I.P my little ANGELS. BRENDA &THALIA

  • Srtrujillo2469

    I first read about this on Feb 2012 and I was deeply touched by these 2 BEAUTIFUL angels! Even now I think about Brenda and Thalia EVERY day! These 2 angels are LOVED and MISSED by so many people!!

  • Lala

    poor girls they were soooo pretty and young
    rest in peace
    love you both

  • Jackieponcersendiz

     i have so many memories about them every day i go on youtube and see the video of ‘Perfect Two’ :-’(

  • Laniahlove

    that is so sad im finta cry but God wanted it to happen there duty on earth is over but there are in a very good place wow two teens that was smart and strong now there up in heaven so those people thats cryig over them dont cry there in a better place R.I.P BRENDA and THALIA YOU GUYS DID A GREAT THING INTERTANING US GOD BLESS

  • JayJay

    I don’t even know this two girls but they seem so sweet . To there family and friends I’m sorry for your lost . R.I.P Thalia Arredondo and Brenda Gutierrez .

  • lily

    omg……..speach-less im very sorry to the friends and family of brenda and thalia i hope these to young girls rest in peace. keep there memory going on for the rest of your lifes. remember the good times you had with them.and dont forget to remember them. GOD BLESS.

  • Dasia

    how did ur sis die?

  • Jullissa Lynn

    I know exactly how it feels to lose someone so close, I lost both of my best friends in a car accident it hurts knowing I was the only one that servived the accident it been 3 years already and I miss them each and everyday

  • Kimberly Granados

    Damn , I remember them , They were a blessing to have in this world they were amazing Funny and cool to be around with they are missed by many Prayers to thier family . Till this day i think of them i miss them sooooo much cant believe this happened to them but they are in a better place now. LOVE YOU Thalia and Brenda <3

  • vic

    i am sorry to hear about your friends yes it was a long time ago and i am just seeing your comment and my friend amber adams passed away andi miss her every day and it kills me knowing that she is gone she was by sisterly figure she still is she helped me with everything and i went to her for everything she helped every day have and had so many problems and hs eknew exsactally what do do there is not a day that goes by that i dont think and miss and love her one day soon i will be with her again and be happy again..not like i am not R.I.P you your friends and my lovly sister amber:)

  • savanna

    these two girls touched my hearts..even thoe I don’t know them…these two gorgeous angels are always gonna be in my/our hearts..R.I.P these two beautiful girls..thalia & Brenda <3