Taylorville, Illinois – September 21, 2011

The Christian County Sheriff’s Office reports that fatal injuries were sustained by a woman involved in some sort of farm accident.

It happened at an unspecified time of day on Wednesday, and the deceased woman has been identified as 56-year-old Christine Stephens. The woman was a resident of Edinburgh, and officials have not commented on what she was doing on the farm when she was hurt. According to reports, it is the season for harvesting at the farm on Mount Auburn Road.

Ms. Stephens was transported to Taylorville Memorial Hospital after the incident, and she was later declared deceased at that facility.

That National Safety Council reports that about 1,300 fatalities occur every years as the result of farm accidents and health problems related to work.

If you would like an official copy of the police report, request a copy with this form, or call 1-888-509-1888.


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