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No two accidents are alike, and the same can be said for the victims and families affected by these incidents. The following days and months will leave those affected by the accident in varying physical and emotional states, and the several types of help required will never been located in one easy-to-find place.

Until now.

It’s simple, if you require help, any type of help, whether it be professional, emotional, legal, or otherwise, we want you to reach out to us. It costs nothing to let us help point you in the right direction.

We are a passionate team that includes veteran journalists, technology enthusiasts, professional problem solvers and dedicated workers consumed with making the most powerful, dynamic accident resource in the world.

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Resources for Victims

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No one could have predicted the accident, and no one is ever ready to face the questions that follow. The decisions you will be forced to make can affect everything from physical and emotional recovery, as well as the financial burden that may now exist. It will be confusing and stressful, and there's no better time to ask questions and seek out experienced help.

FindMyAccident provides a curated list of local accident lawyers to advise you based on your specific accident story. The lawyers are provided to you as a free service, giving you the opportunity to ask them about victims’ rights, treatment options, and accident claims in your state. And because they are as invested in helping accident victims and their families as we are, they offer their initial consultation at no cost to FindMyAccident users.

The days and months ahead can be stressful, scary and confusing. The professional resources we list on FindMyAccident can help you make sense of everything.

Get Support

Maybe you need to simply talk and connect with people who have experienced the uncertainty, pain and fear that you’re going through. FindMyAccident works with partner groups - non-profits, victims advocacy organizations, accident prevention technology groups - who are passionate about promoting change and helping victims and their families through the healing process.

When you’re ready to meet people who share similar experiences, or you're ready to begin your own advocacy organization, we can connect you with talented people who are committed to supporting you at every level.

It costs nothing to reach out to these groups and you have everything to gain. There's no reason to try and battle the aftermath of an accident alone.

Get Involved

Complete the story. We rely on and encourage the public to help fill the gaps in our news accounts. If you can provide updated information or facts that weren't initially available to us, please leave comments, photos, and video on the accident story page, or email us directly.


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Tell us your story. If you were involved in an accident, or know about an accident and don’t see it reported on FindMyAccident, you can submit the story.

No matter how small your contribution, it could be your information that gives peace of mind to a victim and/or family that is suffering as a result of an accident.


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