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Orange County, California – December 13, 2013

Police say an elderly motorist died Friday during a collision in the Lake Forest area.

According to deputies with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, Lake Forest resident Claude Makin, 85, was behind the wheel of a 1984 Cadillac as it traveled along Dune Mear Road. As he approached Rockfield Boulevard around, around 10:25 a.m., Mr. Makin was involved in a collision.

Paramedics responded to the scene, but were unable to save Mr. Makin. Neither the name of the second driver, nor his vehicle, has been identified.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that the number of fatalities along America’s roadways declined in 2010 for the fifth-straight year. The total number of highway deaths last year was 32,788, down 3 percent over 2009.

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