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Contra Costa County, California – November 20, 2012

Police say a stranded motorist died Tuesday when her vehicle was hit by a passing car in the Hercules area.

Troopers with the California Highway Patrol report that an unidentified female motorist was behind the wheel of a sport-utility vehicle as it traveled east along Interstate 80. As the driver approached Exit 24 (Willow Avenue), around 2:15 p.m., she veered onto the shoulder and struck a dark-colored Mercedes sedan.

Investigators say the impact threw a female passenger from the wreckage of the Mercedes.  Paramedics responded to the scene, but were unable to save her.

Neither the driver of the Mercedes, the husband of the deceased victim, nor the SUV’s driver was injured. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that the number of fatalities along America’s roadways declined in 2010 for the fifth-straight year. The total number of highway deaths last year was 32,788, down 3 percent over 2009.

UPDATE: The deceased victim has been identified as Vallejo resident Lillian Elisaia, 53.

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