Ivanhoe, California – July 24, 2012

Tuesday, sometime in the evening, a shooting that caused a crash, killing one man and injuring two others, took place on Road 156 and Avenue 360 in Ivanhoe.

Tulare County Sheriff’s Department officials say that Cruz Medina, 18, from Orosi, died when the SUV he was in was shot at and crashed into a ditch. Gerardo Rodriguez, 19, from Ivanhoe, and Joel Guzman, 26, from Ivanhoe, were injured in the crash. Police do not know if Mr. Cruz died from the shooting or from the crash.

Officials do not know if the shooting was gang related. Police have made no arrests regarding the accident or the shooting.

Currently there is no national data on the prevalence of drive-by shootings,those who commit them, those who are killed and injured as a result of them, the types of firearms used, where they take place, or at what times they most often occur.

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