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Los Angeles County, California — June 3, 2012

Police say a teenage boy was hit and killed Sunday after a break down left him and his family stranded on a highway in Hacienda Heights.

According to troopers with the California Highway Patrol, Hacienda Heights resident Tina Marie Silva, 28, was behind the wheel of a 2012 Honda Civic as it traveled west along U.S. Route 60. Investigators say Ms. Silva approached the scene where a Toyota Corolla had broken down, stranding the female driver from Santa Monica, 41, and two children, 13 and 10.

Around 12:40 a.m., officers say Ms. Silva’s vehicle struck one male child, 13, inflicting him with fatal injuries. Another male child, 10, and the 41-year-old were also hurt.

After fleeing the scene, Ms. Silva was apprehended and taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, alcohol was a factor in 1,489 traffic fatalities in 2007.

UPDATE: The deceased pedestrian has been identified as Maximillion Infinity Petrakos.

UPDATE: Prosecutors have charged Ms. Silva with leaving the scene of an accident, murder and gross vehicular manslaughter.

UPDATE: Investigators have named Mary Hively has the adult female victim. She suffered critical injuries.

UPDATE: Friends and family of Maximillion have established a memorial fund to cover funeral expenses. To contribute, visit Lincoln Middle School with a check made out to “Max Petrakos Trust Fund.”

If you would like an official copy of the police report, request a copy with this form.


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  • FactChecker

    Where are you getting your facts?? Everywhere else I read states the child killed was a 13-year old GIRL named Mary Hively of Santa Monica… Answers please…

  • StarGirl

    He had long hair so they assumed he was a girl. I knew him when we were in fifth grade. It’s okay people are confused because some articles didnt get their facts correct. It’s their fault people though he was a girl.

    R.I.P. Max. We won’t forget you.

  • anonymous

     It was a 13 year old boy … he went to my church, and I heard about the accident 2 days ago.  There were initial conflicts about as to how it happened, but it definitely was a 13 year old boy.  His name was Max.  I know someone who knew the boy.

  • Danny M

    @FactChecker  I know these people and this information is correct.I read those other stories and they are incorrect.Just to let you know.Mary isn’t 13 years old Max was 13.

  • Danny M

    Sorry to hear your gone Max R.I.P.

  • Neighbor

    I’m just stunned. These were my neighbors and did not deserve this. I hope that woman who hit them and then drove away is locked up for a very long time!

  • Bridgettefussman

    Max was a very close friend of  mine we where in the same theater class. he was so nice and i think they should kill the alcholic and max should not be dead.i can not imagin max dead. he was so nice

  • http://twitter.com/MOVEitGIRL Shana Forster

    :( Max, you were such a great kid! I remember babysitting you and Xander! I’m going to miss you and God took you way too soon!
    p.s. that lady needs to get lots of time in jail and more karma then just jail…what a heartless b word! fleeing the scene! let alone driving drunk..there is such thing called TAXI!

  • Noah

    I knew Tina Marie, and all I’ll say is she was one of the sweetest people ever. I am shocked and saddened to hear about this news…

  • Marina

    Is Tina Marie the same one who grew up mostly in her grandparents house in Hacienda Heights? If so, she was my childhood best friend who lived around the block from me… It makes me infinitely sad to think this could be her. And even more so to know that one child was killed and another greatly injured.