Hawthorne, California – December 1, 2011

A collision at a Hawthorne intersection killed a motorcyclist Wednesday evening.

According to the Hawthorne Police Department, a motorcycle and another vehicle traveled toward the intersection of South Inglewood Avenue and West Rosecrans Avenue. At the crossing the vehicles collided about 6:10 p.m.

The rider was declared dead at the scene. No other injuries were reported.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there were 4,778 fatalities as a result of collisions involving motorcycles in California in 2006.

UPDATE: The Hawthorne Police Department has identified the motorcyclist who was killed Wednesday evening as Jason M. Sinroll.

If you would like an official copy of the police report, request a copy with this form.


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  • anonymous

    I’m so sorry for the loss of this motorcyclist. As a motorcyclist myself, this is disheartening. I didn’t see the whole thing, but I was there to see the aftermath. My condolences to his family and friends. God bless.

  • Enter your name here.

    I feel so sorry for this poor guy. Didn’t see the accident but I did see the aftermath…I was very saddened. Sorry for the lost.

  • Another fellow Rider

    Dear family members of the victim,

    I took photos with my cell phone, in consideration of the victims family, but I won’t publicly publish it without their consent. If you are family to this guy, and want these pictures, feel free to leave a contact via e-mail.

  • sadden witness

    I was there and saw the accident and aftermath my heart goes out to the family of the victim… I had to head to the hospital after because I am pregnant and was feeling ill after the shock of what I saw, just find the asian lady who caused the accident to find out she had vicodin in her system which she wasn’t to be driving under the effect! Breaks my heart to find out that thanks to that someone lost their life and a family a loved one; his cell phone kept ringing in his pocket and that hunts me to this day; someone was waiting for this person at home! :( may he rest in peace…

  • Another fellow Rider

    To the pregnant woman below, what really happened? and who was at fault? I heard another witness said something else, now its kinda confusing and i wanna piece it together.
    Though i don’t know this man, it hits me personally. I felt as sick as u did.. couldn’t stop shaking even two hours later. damn. things like this does shock our system. its frikin crazy

  • sadden witness

    It really annoyed me to hear a lady say that the motorcyclist was at fault and then went on about how they always come out of no where and always riding fast, in the first place he was on a cruiser not a street bike it wasn’t like he was really speeding I saw the arrow light turn green on his favor and then the car come out of nowhere the lady didn’t even hit her brakes and smashes into the car in front of her lane waiting for their light. She was the one at fault she looked to be in her late 50′s early 60′s asian and she looked under medicated and the cop even said that she had drugs in her blood test results. It wasn’t his fault my father checked for his pulse and said he looked to be in his 40′s so it wasn’t a reckless young guy on a street bike kind of situation…

  • Enter your name here.

    His name was Jason M. Sinroll.

  • tina wright

    His family is from Benton, Illinois. I am not sure who all still lives there but his mother’s name is Dixie. Jason was a classmate of mine for a while at Sesser-Valier elementary school. He graduated in the class of 1990 possibly from Benton Illinois. He was a very nice person with beautiful blue eyes. I am very saddened to hear of this tragedy and my thoughts and prayers go to his family members.

  • Steve Kirby

    If anyone saw this accident please contact Sgt Shimono or
    Sgt Sepulveda at Hawthorne Traffic, 310-349-2701 and leave you name and phone and or e-mail address. Or call Kirby, Kirby and Kirby Motorcycle Lawyers at 1-800-699-9097 and ask for Steve Kirby

  • Ulon

    I am devastated at this tragic loss of Jason Sinroll. He was an amazing human being, kind, giving and he would help anyone in need. Please come forward those that witnessed the accident. I truly hope that the driver of the vehicle is prosecuted for a wrongful death. There are no words to discribe how hurt and lost we without him. RIP

  • Jean Pierre

    Jason and I worked on and aquarium export project here in Guam. he was my dive buddy and close friend whom I fostered like my own brother. I’m lost in emotions about all this and all his close friends out here are in the dark about the details of his passing. I want to thank everyone for your info posted on this page. it really helps me to understand what happened. my prayers go out to his family and his Girlfriend Christina.

  • Enter your name here.

    Jason is my uncle. He is an amazing human being and I miss him so much. Thank you for taking the time to inform us on here of what you all saw. My uncle was a very responsible rider. He inspired me in so many ways. Please know he lived to the fullest and that he would want everyone to do the same!

  • Hello

    Hi family and friends of Jason M Sinroll,
    I’m truly very sorry. I wish everyone well, and I’m sure he was an amazing person. We went to his memorial site of the accident area again to pay respect. He is still so young!!!
    Does anyone know what the updates are on this?

  • Rebecca Bird, a loving ex

    Jason and I broke up in 2009, after dating for a couple of years. I found this posting completely by chance. Jason was such a safe rider that the accident and his death are a complete shock to me. I loved Jason so deeply and so very very much. His love for me was intoxicating. He was one of the great loves of my life and I will never forget him.
    His life was taken way too soon. I offer my deepest sympathy to his family, his girlfriend, and his friends.

    Jason Sinroll, I will alway love you. RIP

  • Tiffany Wayda

    Jason lived with me in Illinois and moved back to California in 2006. I have not seen him for awhile, but have many good memories of the diving trips, motorcycle trip, and the trips visiting his family. I have known Jason a long time and still can’t believe this happened. My thoughts and prayers are with all of his friends and family; girlfriend, mom, dad, and brother.

  • Denny Whaley

    Jason was a good friend growing up here in Benton. We had some great times. Although I havent spoken to Jason in years I feel a terrible sense of lost. Anyone who knew Jason knows the world os a lesser place without him. God Bless you bro, you will be missed, but not forgoten.

  • witness

    Somebody needs to stand up and do something about this, the lady got away like nothing… and all because she knew the officer in charge?

  • vitz

    i worked w/ Jason in El Segundo at ERI from about ’06-09. stand-up, classy guy. good work buddy, smart, and always willing to help whoever he could help, at work. gave him my nano reef when i left cali. odd thing is i was hit by a driver (now disabled) making a left through an intersection while bicycling to the local pet/fish store i was working at a tad over a year before he was hit. my sincere condolences to his family and friends.
    – vitz

  • JDB

    I met Jason at UA in Fayetteville many years ago, we lived together with a roommate on Leverett Ave. Spent many days riding out on the country side, winters and summers down on Jupiter Island and many great weekends at his fathers place in Eureka and a fantastic trip home to meet his sweet mother, Dixie.
    He owned a business shortly after graduation, his love of course of tropical fish. I knew this man well when we were younger, he had a passion for life, love, family, and his friends. I am deeply saddened finding this news today, although he passed several years ago and we hadn’t seen each other since our college years…I’ll never forget his cool smile as he reached to light his smoke or his laugh as he jumped out of his jacked up, black Nissan truck encouraging his dog Trixie to follow. Thanks for all of the memories, Jason. R.I.P