Lemon Grove, California – July 1, 2011

A man from Lemon Grove hit and killed a man with his car and drove home with the man’s upper-half stuck in the car early Friday morning.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department reports, 46-year-old Harold B. Mittleman drove a Hyundai Accent south on the South Bay freeway when a man from La Mesa, 75, was suddenly in his path north of Spring Street. Mr. Mittleman did not have enough time to avoid the man and crashed into him.

The man was instantly killed. His upper-half went through the windshield on the right side of the car. The man’s legs were discovered around where the incident occurred.

Mr. Mittleman continued to drive home in a panic with the victim’s upper body in the passenger’s seat. He reported the incident just after 2 a.m.

Charges will not be sought against Mr. Mittleman by the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

The exact location of this accident has not been released.

The California Highway Patrol reports that highway accidents claimed the lives of 164 pedestrians in 2009 and 185 in 2008. 

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